About Old Page

While few physical vestiges of Nanaimo’s once thriving Chinese community remain, the story of Chinese settlement offers fascinating insight into one of Nanaimo’s oldest communities and the important contribution this community made to the development of the city.


In 1997 Dr. Imogene Lim received funding from BC Heritage Trust to research the history of Chinese Canadians in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The research began with the assistance of Colleen Stuart, who was then Dr. Lim’s student; she was hired as a researcher for the project. In addition, Qun Chen was employed as a translator for a number of the historic Chinese documents. Since then, others have been involved in making this project a success. They include Nancy Jones, Kelly Muir, Nathanael de Jager, and Brent Lee. Brent, in particular, is to be thanked for making the “bells and whistles” of this website actually work. Malaspina University-College continues to support this project as it evolves and develops.