External Sources

Across the generations: A History of the Chinese in Canada
This site looks at the experiences of Chinese immigrants to Canada within the historical context of China and Canada. It highlights the experiences of each generation by effectively presenting public policy along with personal accounts. There is a “Photo Gallery” as well as a “Student’s Corner” that uses trivia questions to highlight the influence of Canada’s Chinese community in popular culture.

Asian Heritage Month Society
This site is “an exciting promotional portal to a significant pan-Asian community whose … sons and daughters are now the creators of new music, dance, electronic art, literary works, videos and films that actively define and reflect the diversity of their contemporary sensibilities”. This site also presents a brief history of the organization, and coverage of events and awards complete with photo album.

The Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC)
This website outlines the organization’s history, objectives, goals, structure, redress campaign, as well as how to get involved. It provides links to current issues, events, newsletters, chapters, new releases, and a photo gallery. There are also other links and opportunities to investigate through this site.

Chinese Canadian Stories: Uncommon Histories from a Common Past

Chinese Canadian Stories is a collaborative project between UBC, SFU and various campus and community-wide partners. It is a one-stop web portal dedicated to collecting, digital archiving, accessing and distributing information about Chinese Canadian history.

A Chinese Canadian Story: The Yip Sang Family
A tribute to “one of the most influential merchants and community leaders in Vancouver’s early Chinatown”, this website is part of the Canada’s Digital Collections Program and highlights the family history of the founder of Wing Sang & Co.

Chinese-Canadians: Profiles from a Community
Chinese-Canadians: Profiles from a Community is a wiki-based project developed by the Vancouver Public Library in partnership with Library and Archives Canada.

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver
This site highlights current and upcoming cultural events organized and supported by the Chinese Cultural Centre. Events include musical and dramatic performances as well as visual and multimedia presentations. Visit this site to catch a glimpse of events planned for the greater Vancouver area.

Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act Redress in Canada
This website highlights coverage of the campaign dealing with the issue of Redress for Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act. Visitors may read news reports, petitions, speeches, and historical information. There are opportunities to become involved with the fundraising campaign and, for those affected there is the opportunity to register with campaign.

The Chinese Historical Society of America
The CHSA is one of the oldest and largest organizations dedicated to the study, documentation, and dissemination of Chinese American history. This not-for-profit society features an events calendar, learning centre, research resources, and membership information.

The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California
This society is dedicated to bringing “together people with a mutual interest in the important history and historical role of Chinese and Chinese Americans in Southern California”. The public has free access to the website which includes a historical timeline, WWII photos, Chinatown map, and reviews of recent events.

The Chung Collection
This website highlights a selection from the extensive personal collection of Chinese-Canadian Dr. Chung. The collection includes many rare and unique items: documents, books, maps, posters, paintings, photographs, silver, glass, ceramic ware and other artifacts. Also included in the e-collection includes are stories of historical events coupled with clippings, maps or posters. This site provides an important window into the history of British Columbia and its people.

Historical Chinese Language Materials in British Columbia (HCLMBC)
A collaboration of the Asian Library, Centre for Chinese Research, UBC and David Lam Centre, and SFU, this Web page comprises a database of records of archival materials, virtual exhibition of photo collections, images, links to related materials and listings of organizations.

Immigrant Voices
This is a bilingual historical overview of immigration to Canada. Under Perspective is a section on Chinese Labourers.

Japanese Canadian History
The Japanese Canadian history web site developed to provide organizational support to social studies teachers and students in the K-12 school system in British Columbia.

Japanese Canadian National Museum
Although this website is still developing, the JCMN offers resources for history, genealogy, and school projects.

Korean American Historical Society
The KAH is “a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the collective memory of Korean Americans through collecting, maintaining, and transmitting the heritage and achievements of Koreans living in the United States and abroad”.

Powell Street Festival Society
Based in Vancouver BC, this website provides information regarding the Powell Street Festival, a celebration of Japanese Canadian art, heritage and culture.

The Ties That Bind
The Ties That Bind: Building the CPR, Building a Place in Canada examines the struggle of the Chinese Canadian community to establish an identity and roots in Canada.

Vancouver Public Library Online – Chinese Canadian History Guide
This study guide helps you find information in the Vancouver Public Library on Chinese-Canadian history, from the early years to the present day. The guide draws mainly on the collection in Fine Arts and History, but also includes materials found in other library collections..

Vancouver Public Library Online – Japanese Canadian History Guide
This study guide helps you find information in the Vancouver Public Library on Japanese-Canadian history, from the early years to redress of the 1980s. The guide draws mainly from the History collection, but also includes materials found in other library collections..