Special Thanks

We would like to thank the following individuals for all their assistance in the early stages of developing this project.

Christine Meutzner – Archives Manager, NA, whose knowledge of Nanaimo’s history amazes us and for her continued willingness to assist with a smile.

Daphne Paterson – Whose personal research on the history of Nanaimo’s Chinatown, her work on the Museum’s Chinatown Revisited Display, and her willingness to share this knowledge and her resources have been invaluable to this project.

Stephen Topfer – Collections Registrar, NM, for access to the accession records of the artifact collection and for sharing his office space, his computers and his chairs in order to benefit this project.

Chuck Wong – Who graciously shared his personal recollections of Nanaimo’s Chinese community. Sadly, Chuck died before the publication of his personal history of Nanaimo’s Chinatown (November 25, 2003). He is sorely missed for his wisdom and humour.

Dick Mah – For sharing his memories and personal recollections of Nanaimo’s Chinese community, especially information on the second location of Chinatown and his grandfather, Bing Kee Mah. Dick is another of our local historians who left us suddenly (December 19, 2001).

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